Published by Teaching Strategies, supplemented by the themes of the READY SET LEAP curriculum published by Leap Frog School house.
These curriculums are implemented in each classroom through room organization, daily schedules and lesson plans. Activities are prepared according to the age group and the needs of each particular group of children fostering individual growth through opportunities for exploration.

The daily schedule

The daily schedule provides opportunities for large group activities, small group activities, free play, teacher directed activities, children directed activities, outside play, meals and rest time. TV and video movies are not used on a regular basis. Teachers may use TV and video only if there is an opportunity for educational purposes to support curriculum implementation.

Culture, family and community.

The teachers write weekly lesson plans that maximize children's acquisition of desired knowledge and skills through structured activities, individually and in groups.

Social-emotional development

Each child's social-emotional development is fostered through the development of friendships, self regulation skills, empathy and the ability to resolve conflict in positive ways. Early literacy is supported through reading, dictation, learning letters and sounds and immersion in a print rich environment. Classroom learning centers encourage exploration and discovery.

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