= Testimonials - VPK Program- Creative Learning Experience- Lake Worth- FL


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Ms. Margarita.  She is a stupendous teacher and I have complete trust in her when it comes to my infant daughter.  She encourages my baby in anything new and alerts me if any new accomplishments, accidents, ornw milestones she may cross.  She is gentle and caring and reassures me everyday that my chidl is in the best of care while she is there.

Cary G.

About a year ago, my granddaughter Antonia Mae was enrolled at Creative learning Experience Daycare. Today, she is 3 years old and she is wonderful. Her psycho-motor development, her emotional and rational behavior toward other children, family and people in general has really increased and performed. This progress and fluency in her language and persona are a good demonstration of the suitability of the team.
The efficiency and effectiveness of the methods and the quality of the sources and environment is shown daily at the Daycare.
Thank you for contributing in the formation process of my precious Antonia.

Delighted Grandma Lola C

My son attended Creative Learning Experience from the age of 3 1/2 up until he was ready to enter kindergarten at age 5. I am very pleased with the care and education experience that my son has recieved for the past 2 yrs. He has learned a lot at his own pace along with creative/play-like learning environment and is absolutely ready to enter into kindergarten with the fundamentals of learning. The staff at C.L.E. has always been very attentive about any concerns or issues that have come up with my son. I highly recommend Creative Learning Experience to families looking for a loving/fun-filled daycare center as I have been completely happy with there service.


Estoy muy contenta con la educación que le están dando a mi hijo, es excelente

Wendy R.

A mi hija le gusta estar aquí y my esposo y yo nos sentimos felices de que ella este bien

Daisy C.

Para mi son los mejores y las maestras todas son muy buenas y profesionales

Dayu G

The staff is amazing and Mr. Nelson always helps me with I need it.

Rafael G.

Everything is good here. I love it.

Liset M.

Wonderful!! Love, love, love the teachers, they are amazing with our son and last year with our daughter.

Hannah M.

My kids have been attending Creative Learning since they were small babies and they love it and so do we.

Alexia & Steven R.