Why Us


At Creative Learning Experience we provide a rich environment that considers the total development of the child, keeping in mind his individual needs and interests. Children are given opportunities to discover, explore, be challenged and solve problems through direct experience. We strive to operate a developmentally appropriate program. The purpose of our program is to benefit the child, the parents and the community.

Goals for the child:

  1. To provide opportunities for being with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.
  2. To develop the child’s intellectual capacities to his or her full potential.
  3. To provide appropriate play experiences that contributes to the developmental needs of the child.
  4. To develop communication skills and encourage self-expression, self-direction and creativity.
  5. To increase physical and motor coordination.
  6. To promote a child’s positive self-image.
  7. To encourage creativity through various media.
  8. To develop an interest in science, social studies and math.
  9. To provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that provides for all areas of a child’s development; physical, emotional, social and cognitive.
  10. To provide children with a foundation for learning and a favorable attitude toward learning and the school experience.

Goals for parents:

  1. To provide care for the child while the parents pursue their own work or other interests.
  2. To provide opportunities to grow in the understanding of child development through a planned educational program.
  3. To promote a partnership between parents and teachers by communicating regularly to build mutual understandings and greater consistency for children.
  4. To provide parents with the latest educational research through parent handouts displayed at the sign in/out table.
  5. To inform parents of the activities on a daily basis through our monthly calendars, monthly news messengers and weekly schedules.
  6. To provide a school that welcomes parents to observe, visit or participate in our program.

Goals for the community:

    1. To help meet the needs of the community for an early childhood education facility.
    2. To inform the community of the school activities by contributing articles and pictures to the local media.
    3. To contribute to the wholesome growth and development of the future citizens of the community.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship between parents and teachers. Please feel free, at any time, to express your opinion or concerns regarding your childcare. Your comments and suggestions will tTbe greatly appreciated.

We dedicate ourselves to the achievement of high quality goals s by providing the finest in early childhood education for children. As a result, Creative Learning Experience has been awarded with several recognitions of quality for the past years.

The recognitions are:

  • A Florida Gold Seal Quality of Care established by the Florida Department of Children and Families DCF.
  • APPLE accreditation (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) provided by FACCM (Florida Association of Child Care Management). FACCM is a professional organization of providers dedicated to ensuring quality in the early learning industry through advocacy, education, and accreditation.
  • Strong Minds- Children’s Services Council’s Quality Child Care Network- 5 Stars: Strong Minds is Palm Beach County’s voluntary, quality rating improvement system (QRIS) for childcare providers. This is a national movement, with more than 30 States implementing their own quality rating improvement systems, so more U.S. children enter kindergarten ready to learn. We are a Strong Minds in-network school.
  • Bridges of Lake Worth West: Our school was selected to participate in BRIDGES, a program of the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, are gathering places that connect local families to community resources so more children are born healthy, remain free from abuse and neglect, are ready for kindergarten, and have increased access to quality afterschool and summer programs.

Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County

Palm Beach Children Services Council

Apple Accreditation

Family Central

Child Care Food Program

Florida Department of children and families childcare section

Florida Department of education VPK program

Children’s Forum

Palm Beach State College

Quality Counts Quarterly

Bridges of Lake Worth West

Strong Minds