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The Impact of a Creative Daily Routine in Preschool

In the world of preschool education, routines are not just schedules to follow; they form the foundation for young minds to flourish. At Creative Learning Experience, we understand that a well-structured daily routine in preschool can be a transformative journey for both children and educators.

According to the Early Childhood of Learning & Knowledge Center from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, routines can help children feel in control of their environment, know what is happening now and what comes next, engage in learning, know how to do an activity or task and feel safe, secure, and comfortable. 

This article delves into our unique approach to preschool routines, highlighting the key elements that make each day a memorable learning adventure. 

Circle Activities

Every morning at our preschool in Lake Worth, the day begins with the rhythm of circle activities. This time is a warm and inclusive welcome, where children and teachers come together to foster a sense of community. Morning circle time, or “circle of friends,” is not just about singing songs or reciting rhymes; it’s about building trust, encouraging communication, and enhancing social skills.

Our daily circle activities are the heartbeat of our preschool routine. This gathering fosters a sense of unity and security among our young learners. When children come together in a circle, they experience a feeling of belonging, safety, and inclusivity. This foundation is pivotal in creating a conducive learning environment where children are more likely to actively participate and collaborate with peers.

Through activities such as sharing stories and emotions, we promote empathy, cooperation, and vital communication skills that serve as the building blocks for positive social and emotional development. These skills are invaluable in shaping children’s interpersonal relationships and preparing them for future academic and personal successes.

Music and Movement

As the day unfolds, we encourage our preschoolers to express themselves through music and movement. These sessions are not just about fun and games; they’re a gateway to creativity, coordination, and confidence-building. Through songs, dance, and rhythm games, children explore the joys of self-expression, setting the stage for a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Research has shown that music activates and stimulates the brain in several beneficial ways. During these sessions, our preschoolers explore various rhythms, melodies, and dance moves, allowing them to express themselves freely and develop essential motor skills. This creative outlet empowers children to effectively convey their thoughts and emotions, setting the stage for self-assurance and a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Art and Craft

Creativity knows no bounds at our preschool. We design our art and craft sessions to inspire imagination, fine motor skills, and a love for the arts. From finger painting to crafting masterpieces with everyday materials, our preschoolers embark on a colorful journey of self-discovery.

Engaging in artistic activities at an early age helps children think outside the box and develop the dexterity necessary for tasks such as writing and drawing. 

According to Michigan State University, art allows youth to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life but also for learning, so art and craft time encourages experimentation and exploration, fostering the development of problem-solving skills and enhancing cognitive abilities. 

By allowing preschoolers to engage in hands-on creative projects, we inspire a love for artistic expression and lay the foundation for well-rounded cognitive and creative development that will serve them throughout their lives.

Outdoor Play

Preschoolers need room to run, explore, and connect with the natural world. Our outdoor playtime is more than just recess; it’s an opportunity for physical development, cooperation, and appreciation of nature. The playground becomes a classroom of its own, where laughter and learning intermingle.

According to the Nationwide Children Organization, outdoor play offers endless activities, exploration, and opportunities for children to use their imagination and foster their growth. Our playground serves as an open classroom where children learn about the environment, engage in sensory exploration, and develop an appreciation for nature.

Outdoor play enhances physical well-being while nurturing a lifelong love for the outdoors. In these moments of play under the open sky, children learn about the world, develop their physical abilities, and create memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.


Imagination takes flight during storytime. Here, we introduce children to the magic of words and storytelling. Preschoolers dive into captivating tales, broadening their horizons and sparking a passion for literature that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Research underscores the profound benefits of reading to children from an early age. According to the National Literacy Trust, offering a child time and undivided attention during storytelling communicates their significance, fosters self-esteem, enriches vocabulary, ignites their imagination, and even enhances their sleep patterns. It brings comfort, reassurance, confidence, security, relaxation, happiness, and enjoyment. 

Storytime is a time when the magic of words and imagination come alive, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Free Play

Unstructured playtime is a cherished part of our daily routine. During this period, children have the freedom to choose their activities, explore interests, and develop problem-solving skills. 

Syeda Sazia Zaman from the BRAC Institute of Educational Development states that when children play alone, they engage themselves, using their imagination and fostering independence, creativity, and cognitive development. During this period, young minds take the lead in their learning journey, building confidence, resilience, and a sense of personal agency that will serve them well in the years ahead.

Free play encourages children to explore their own interests, develop their decision-making abilities, and learn through trial and error. During these unstructured moments of play, children truly take ownership of their learning, setting the stage for a lifetime of curiosity, exploration, and growth.

Preschool Drop-off Routine

Our preschool experience includes a pivotal element: a seamless drop-off routine that ensures children feel welcomed, loved, and secure as they transition from home to the school environment. Our arrival and greeting ritual are designed to create a sense of trust and security between parents, children, and teachers because it sets the tone for a child’s entire day and positively impacts their drop-off experience.

This foundational moment forms strong relationships, allowing children to feel comfortable and confident in their new surroundings. Each preschooler embarks on a daily adventure marked by trust, support, and the assurance that they are in a safe and caring environment where learning and growth can flourish.

Our unique approach at Creative Learning Experience combines different activities to create a holistic daily routine for preschoolers. This routine prepares children for academic success and nurtures their social, emotional, and creative development. We believe that a well-structured preschool routine sets the stage for a lifetime of learning and achievement.

In our preschool, every moment counts, from breakfast to structured play and group activities, and parent pick-up time. Our dedicated preschool teachers create a supportive classroom environment filled with toys, games, and enriching experiences that make every day a cherished memory. We understand that the impact of preschool education goes beyond the classroom; it’s about shaping confident, compassionate, and capable individuals who are ready to take on the world.

So, if you’re looking for a preschool experience that’s more than just routine, join us at Creative Learning Experience. Together, we’ll nurture young minds and set them on a path to a bright and promising future.

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